WISE (Wisdom of the Sages, Ethics & Self)

Why Jewish Studies? Jewish values, traditions, and practices are way to access wisdom through the ages. AEA is founded on the principle that these tools offer important insight into how we ought to live in today’s society By weaving Jewish wisdom into our educational approach, students learn how our values produce the environment of the school. For example, respect for every individual comes from seeing each other as made in God’s image. Students learn mindfulness, gratitude, and preparation through morning prayer and discussion. Classroom exploration of differing opinions among the Sages teaches critical thinking. Holiday celebrations are multi-sensory events that aim to find new meanings around issues of social justice, the environment, and personal change and that have each student help lead the school.
While rooted in Jewish thought and practice, our education is presented in a way that is relatable to children regardless of their faith tradition or religious practice at home. This approach to Jewish wisdom provides students with opportunities to practice ethics, to learn to respect differences, and to develop a context for their own conduct as part of the larger community.

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