Why Einstein?

Isn’t this the question we all ask when considering a school for our child? Along with questions like

  • What will my child’s transition be like?
  • Will this school bring out the best in my daughter?
  • Will my son’s interests and abilities be encouraged here?
  • Does the school reflect our family’s values?
  • Will we find a community here?

Only you can answer these questions. We can provide you with insights to help you make your decision.

There are many things we take pride in at Einstein. For example, our faculty and staff are committee to helping each child make a smooth transition. We work closely with the family to understand every student’s strengths, needs and style of interacting with others. This is personal for us and our teacher to student ratio allows for close attention during a child’s adjustment period, regardless of age.

A walk through Einstein at any time of day will find students hovered over lap-tops (we provide them), sprawled out reading on their classroom carpet, getting creative during art and music time, and presenting their own work to others. Our teachers are fluent in a wide variety of learning styles and naturally present topics in a variety of ways to ensure comprehension and invite engagement on their subject matter. Getting “hands-on” is the norm which allows each child to explore and pursue their own passions and interests.

While we do have rules at Einstein, and we take them seriously – there is also an informality that makes school a home away from home for many students and their families. We are intentional about creating a thriving learning community and nothing makes us happier than to hear parents and their children discussing history, science, or an ethical question as they leave the building for the day. Our parent education program, and our support and communication of diverse array of community programs and events supports this effort.

This community is sustained as our students go on to local public and private schools. And, here’s just a brief list of where they head after high school:

American University
Barnard College
Berklee School of Music
Colorado College
Drexel University
Franklin & Marshall
Hunter College
Muhlenberg College
New York University
Rhode Island School of Design
Temple University
University of Chicago
University of Delaware
University of Maryland
University of North Carolina
University of Pennsylvania
University of Ohio
University of Rochester
It’s common for our students to remain friendly and engaged with one another into adulthood. This year alone, Einstein graduates went on Hillel’s Birthright trip to Israel together, traveled across the country to visit one another, roomed together in college, and a group of Einstein moms has been celebrating their birthdays together since their now adult children were students here.

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