We Want Happiness

We Want Happiness


As our school Explores Asian Journeys through our annual curriculum theme, we found this article to express beautifully how Jewish and Asian wisdom mirror each other. In this article, they make the case for finding happiness in Jewish Day Schools.

“So here’s my claim: For the North American Jewish community of 2016, Jewish Day Schools, more than any other institutions in Jewish life, can help Jewish children and families experience the profound happiness that comes with being connected to our roots. That’s because, if we extend the metaphor of roots, we see that Judaism is so vast, expansive, and all-encompassing that it’s much more than roots, even more than a tree. Judaism is a forest. An ecosystem. Jews who aren’t connected to their roots still end up navigating this forest, but without any sense of place, and, I suspect, not as happily as those that are connected. A forest can be a wonderful and nurturing space or a terrifying space depending on what you’re doing there.”

Read the full article here: Why Jewish Days Schools? Ask Thich Nhat Hanh

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