Tuition and Financial Assistance for 2019-2020

Einstein is pleased to introduce our new Tiered Tuition pricing plan. Please use this calculator to estimate your family’s tuition and then speak with our business manager or head of school to finalize. Your results are only for your information and are not submitted to the school.

We believe that this new tuition structure will make an Einstein education available to a greater number of interested families, while offering a simplified and more private admissions process.


  • A discount of $500 applies for each additional sibling in brackets up to $99,999; $1,000 in brackets up to $149,999; and $1,500 in brackets above $150,000.
  • Minimum tuition is $1500 per child.
  • If you work as a professional within a local Jewish community organization, please contact Lisa Kornblum to see if special tuition might apply.
  • Qualification for a tier is simply based on the past year’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Submit AGI by briefly presenting your most recent tax return to the business manager or head of school. You are not required to fill out the complex NAIS form for tiered tuition.

If you would like to be considered for aid beyond the Tiered Tuition levels, please see our Financial Assistance tab.

We believe in the value of a Jewish education.

If tuition is an obstacle, we can help.

Please review the Tiered Tuition plan as your first source of school pricing information. If you require additional help beyond the standard cost, you are invited to apply for financial assistance.

Parents interested in pursuing financial assistance should contact our Admissions Director, Lisa Kornblum, and be prepared to complete the Parent’s Financial Statement available online via School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) at The Einstein School Code is 1177.

Financial aid dollars cannot be granted to families who do not complete this process.

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