Presenting Your 2016 Albert Einstein Academy

Presenting Your 2016 Albert Einstein Academy

The time is now. Top to bottom and bottom to top our school is presentation-worthy in the very first week! The students are already demonstrating success for all to see.

On day one, 5th grade created the natural artwork that turned into our “Einstein Goes Outdoors” entryway bulletin board. Today, our 1st grade sang a song they just learned, and they did it for all the students older than them. It is just the beginning and already we can see the spirit and accomplishment we usually present only later in the year.

I attribute this accelerated success to mission, values, and community. Our mission is “to educate students with a challenging, integrated curriculum of general and Judaic studies in a nurturing environment which fosters inquisitive learners, critical thinkers, and dynamic leaders.” The balance of challenge and nurture helps our students to grow. The path from learn to think to lead enhances the educational experience beyond the mind to the whole student. Key in that leadership aspect is that our students present early and often. I cannot wait to see what all the other classes will produce next week!

One of our core values is “Sacred Purpose.” The idea is that all of us involved in the school should feel a sense of pride that honors the efforts of all involved. From the generous donors who made possible an upgrade to our math curriculum (more on that soon), to the teachers who are implementing it, to the students who are learning through it, all of us are engaged in the sacred work of teaching the next generation to be the people, the menschen (good people), the leaders our world needs. When we live out that value, our pride is not boastful it is simple a presentation of our best selves. Just look at the smiles on everyone leaving the building at the end of the day!

Community. The energy in the building is palpable and infectious. From the Parent Coffee after our first day drop-off to the pick-up line reunions, there is no question that Albert Einstein Academy is more than a school: we are a community. The new families’ enthusiasm coupled with returning families’ shared delight has provided the basis for sharing our joy. As we build bonds and our students thrive, we will come together in communal celebration time and again.

Right now, it is still our first week. Check out the rest of our Chailites as we present (drum roll, please) Albert Einstein Academy 2016!

Shabbat shalom,
R’ Jeremy Winaker

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