Back to School for Grown Ups

Back to School for Grown Ups

imag0008Did you know that the Kalmar Nyckel field trip was more than a chance to get outdoors and sail? Did you know that the Gan students had a STEM challenge with apples this week and will have other challenges throughout the year? More importantly, do you know why?

We love questions at Albert Einstein Academy. Our namesake said, “the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing.” I often shorten this quotation to expand its impact: “The true art of questioning is to discover!” If you don’t know something ask. If you want to know more, ask. And, yes, when we question or test a student, we start with “what do you know?”

Next week is the perfect time to ask your questions of us. Parents and guardians are encouraged to ask teachers directly (or in an email) for help in understanding what is happening in class or how to handle what happens at home. Our teachers are a great resource, as parents themselves and as the people who spend much of their day with the students. To make this open relationship clear, we invite you to our Back to School Night, next Thursday, September 22nd, 7:00-8:30pm.

Why Back to School Night? At Back to School Night, we bring you into the classrooms. We walk through the students’ experiences. We explain our expectations. We outline topics to be covered and things to look out for. Throughout that interaction between the teacher and those responsible at home for the students, we open the door to communication. Have a question? Ask. Have a concern? Share it. Albert Einstein Academy alumni succeed because they build a strong foundation of achievement in our nurturing environment. Come on Thursday, and you will experience the wholesome security of learning in our school for yourselves.

image-4This year, we will begin Back to School Night with a short film, “The Making of a Menschas part of the international program, “Character Day.” Our students will have done some activities related to “Character Day” in the morning; the grown-ups get our turn at night. We will be introduced to the science behind character development and use that to talk about how Einstein Academy educates the whole child–body, mind, and soul. Attendees will also hear about the ways we have improved and continue to improve the education we provide. I look forward to seeing you.

So, why is the Kalmar Nyckel field trip more than getting out? Our 2nd and 3rd graders are learning about early settlements in pre-Colonial America. They also learn about Delaware history. Since the Kalmar Nyckel brought Swedes to this area in 1638, experiencing their journey and their possessions helps that learning stick in students’ memories. Want more? 4th grade studies “Simple Machines” in science class. Lever, pulleys, wedges, and more help that ship sail. Speaking of simple machines, the Gan STEM challenge included rolling apples down an inclined plain and sailing cut apples across a small pool of water. The learning was fun and deep. The challenge also reflects how our annual curriculum themes never truly leave at the end of each year. STEAM is now a part of our school. Come see how “Einstein Goes Outdoors” will extend beyond this year. Oh, and if you have any questions before Thursday night, just ask. I am sure we will discover something together.

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To see more about our week in school, access this week’s Chailites.

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