The art program at Albert Einstein Academy is one of the many places where our students are encouraged to express their individuality and creativity. Taught by Mrs. Forester, weekly art instruction is inspired by the annual curriculum theme. The yearly theme provides a fresh template for creative exploration. Students are taught methods of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and more. Students have the chance to experiment with a variety of art making tools including oil and chalk pastel, acrylic paint, watercolors, tempera paint, printmaking instruments, various types of gluing and paper manipulation. Creativity comes from the children and is brought out by the gentle encouragement and guidance of Mrs. Forester. She passionately reminds her students that in art, there are no wrong answers, and accidents are opportunities for creativity to flourish! Come see the student’s artwork at the Curriculum Celebration and the Evening of the Arts. You may also see our students work on display at local area cafes including the Concord Pike Brew Ha Ha.

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