Annual Curriculum Theme

Who would have thought that a singular idea for adding something different to the curriculum in 2005 could have such a lasting impact?  Well, it has.  From “South of the Border,” to “STEAM” to “Asian Journeys,” each year’s theme brings a fresh focus to how perennial subjects like reading, math and science come to life in the classroom.

The theme for 2016-2017 is “EINSTEIN GOES OUTDOORS.”

In practice, the faculty and staff choose the year’s theme and identify the opportunities for integrating it into the subjects they teach.  If the theme is “Asian Journeys” math class might include the use and history of the abacus.

An English class might read grade-level articles about recycling when the theme is “Go Green,” and library time might involve reading stories about rain forests for “South of the Border.”

The creativity that students and teachers alike bring to each year’s theme keeps us all excited about the learning process while helping prepare us to become global citizens.


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